Why Choose Us?

Over the past few years, SEO has changed and it’s changed for the better. Gone are the days when webmasters could “trick” or “game” Google into giving them better rankings. These days, if you attempt such tricks, not only will it not give you any results, but it will likely land you with a Google penalty which will see your search visibility pretty much disappear.

If you would like to know more about the kinds of SEO that can land you in hot water, read our page on what not to do. Unfortunately, there are still many SEO companies on the web that use those kinds of tactics, leaving their clients with reduced rankings and an empty wallet 6 months down the line.

So Why Should You Choose Us?

Ethical SEO – At SEO Lancaster, we aren’t interested in engaging in “black hat” or questionable tactics that will do more harm than good to your site over the long-term. We believe in working with website owners to give the search engines what they want – high quality websites that deserve top rankings for years to come.

100% Upfront and Complete Transparency – After we’ve performed an Audit on your website, we will be 100% upfront with you about what work we intend on doing. Transparency is not something to be taken for granted in the SEO industry; a lot of companies can go very quiet when you ask them to tell you exactly what their intentions are for your website and this is always a red flag.

No Jargon – Following on from transparency, we will explain everything we intend on doing in the most simple way possible so that even a complete SEO novice will understand what direction we’re going in. We don’t hide behind mumbo jumbo to confuse people.

No False Promises – We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Affordable Pricing – A lot of Agencies charge upwards of £60 per hour and tie clients down to long-term contracts. Not only are we much cheaper than that, but we don’t insist on long-term contracts.

All Work Carried Out In House – No Outsourcing – Everything we do is done by our small team – we don’t outsource our work to cheap countries to cut costs.

Only One Phone Call Away – You don’t need to worry about sending us an email and then waiting 24+ hours for an answer; you can just pick up the phone if you have any questions.

Local To The Lancaster Area – Because we’re based near Lancaster, we are more than happy to sit down with clients who are also based in and around the Lancaster area. Heck, we’re prepared to meet up with clients from anywhere :-)