Social Media Marketing

Social MediaSocial media marketing can have a huge impact on the success of some online businesses. The first thing that we should get out of the way is that Social media does not have much of a “direct” affect on your SEO because a lot of Social media pages are hidden from Search engines and any links back to your website have the rel=”nofollow” tag attached which means that they fall out of the link graph in terms of providing ranking benefits.

Having said that, a social media presence is a great way for you to gain new visitors to your website or business. An easy example of this would be a restaurant that has a Facebook page. If someone came to your restaurant and enjoyed their meal, they could “Like” your Facebook page. All of the people who they’re friends with on Facebook would then see this like and this puts your restaurant in front of them.

This is the reason why all too often, when you hear an advertisement for a business on the radio that will say “Find us on Facebook” or “Like us on Facebook” because they know the endless possibilities of people constantly liking their page.

Social media also represents a great way to keep in touch with loyal or repeat customers to your website/business and give them updates on new products, services or offers. The kind of businesses that can really benefit from social media are restaurants, hotels and e-commerce sites to name a few.

Social media is understandably not for every business because of the ratio between time spent and ultimate gain but this is something that we can discuss with you.