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Effective and Transparent SEO Services

Welcome to our services page. Over the past few years, the standards to which SEO agencies are held to by their clients has increased dramatically due to Google’s hard stance against spam. In the past, a lot of agencies were in the business of gaming, tricking and manipulating search engines into giving them better rankings. Google has now come down hard on these practices and they don’t work.

Sadly, some agencies still condone and promote these tricks to their clients and then disappear into the night when the website gets hit with a penalty.

At SEO Lancaster, we are against these tactics and are committed to helping our clients embrace clean and ethical SEO for the long-term and avoiding the “quick fix” SEO that will create more problems than it will solve.

We know from experience that once a website is on the right track with its SEO, it becomes an integral part of your online business and can help to increase traffic and sales for years to come. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your website.

No False Promises, No Nonsense, No Jargon

There’s nothing worse than asking a question, only to be bombarded with an earful of waffle to cover up what’s really going on. At SEO Lancaster, we are always upfront and explain everything that we’re doing and anything you need to know about your website in plain English.

One Phone Call Away

It’s frustrating when the only means of contact is an email address and then sitting around waiting for an answer. We are always just one phone call away and because we’re local to Lancaster, we can meet up with you face to face.

Results Driven

We are committed to providing our clients with quality SEO services while making sure that we provide a positive ROI for them as well. Most agencies charge £60+ an hour.We believe that in order to build long-term working relationships, you need to offer top quality services at the most competitive price possible, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from us.

We offer all of the services (and standards) that you would expect from an SEO company. On top of that, we’re pretty handy when it comes to web design. Here is a full run down on the services that we offer. It may also interest you to read why you should choose us as your SEO company and what you need to avoid when you’re attempting to optimise a website.

Free Website Audit – Before we can work on any website, we need to do an audit. The goal of the audit is to uncover any issues with the website in question and get a better idea of how long it would take to get results. Read more about our audits.

Keyword Research – It’s no good ranking for keywords that your potential customers aren’t going to use. By ranking for the right keywords, your website will receive more targeted traffic and that ultimately means more customers. Read more about keyword research.

On Page SEO – There are several steps to making sure that the content on your site is properly set up from an SEO perspective such as title tags, clean navigation, and above all else, high quality and relevant content. Read more about on page SEO.

Content Marketing and Creation – Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of promotion which not only increases the quality of your website, it also helps with search engine optimisation. We can also help with content creation on every website we work with. Read more about content marketing.

Web Design – Not only do we work with existing websites from an SEO stand point, we can also design new ones from scratch. Every website we make is pleasing to the eye, designed with the customer in mind, SEO friendly and responsive (mobile friendly). Read more about our web design services.

CMS Web Design – Short for Content Management System, CMS platforms are our favourite to work with when designing websites because they’re easy to use, look professional and they’re SEO friendly. Read more about our CMS services.

Social Media Marketing – While Social media doesn’t have a direct effect on search engine rankings, it can certainly help you to gain new customers, retain existing ones and help your SEO further down the road. Read more about social media marketing.

Link Building – The phrase “link building” could be described as dirty in the SEO industry due to the various ways that you can build links to a website, most of which are spam. We are only interested in earning high quality links for your website that will stand the test of time and help to sustain high rankings for years to come.