How To Get Links From National Newspapers – It Came To Me In A Dream

It came to me in a dreamWe all have strange dreams from time to time and I don’t know about you, but when I immediately awake from a dream I spend a moment or two in a state of confusion about what’s real and what’s not. Last night, I had a very odd dream about SEO and getting links from national newspapers. While it is a strange dream, in practice it could actually work. If anyone tries this, be sure to give me credit :)

Before I get into it, a quick disclaimer: It was a dream, so my mind is hazy on specific details so I shall fill them in as best I can.

So, in the dream, I was working on a website (no idea what website) and it had no links to it and wasn’t ranking very well. I couldn’t get any links either so I decided to take to a city centre to start a strange marketing campaign. I don’t know which city but if you were to attempt this for real you wouldn’t go for a small one like for example, here in Lancaster; you would go for London or Manchester.

Once in the city, I striped naked and wore a sandwich board saying something along the lines of: “Google hates my website, please share it on social media and link to it –” It didn’t take long for me to garner attention and all of the national newspapers wrote a story about me and I got tons of links in the process.

What happened to the rankings?

I’ve no idea, I woke up at this point. The last thing I remember are the newspapers turning up and then time passed to me reading about myself. Dreams tend to do that – they jump from one place to the next.

Now while this dream is undoubtedly strange, the idea could actually work. Can you imagine someone walking down Deansgate in Manchester, butt naked, with a sandwich board begging for attention and links? Even better, if they resisted arrest and made a scene when the police turned up, it would almost certainly make it’s way to a few newspaper websites. The Daily Mail wrote an article about a woman almost standing in a puddle while shopping last year so there’s every chance they would write about this as well.

Credit To The Inspiration

Many people ponder on the meaning of dreams and where they come from, but I think I have an idea of where this dream came from. For starters, working in the SEO industry obviously played a hand in it. Then there’s the catchy Money Supermarket Advert with “Dave” strutting his stuff down the high street.

A few days ago I read about a teenager who did this for real and it garnered the attention of the national newspapers, so perhaps these three factors morphed together to form my dream. While I don’t see myself ever trying this for real, it’s an interesting idea, albeit a little desperate. Actually it’s very desperate.


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