A Real Example Of Google Providing A Better Search Result Than Bing

Google vs BingOver the past few years, Bing have pushed hard for a larger share in the search market and while there are figures to suggest they made up some ground, they’re still a long way behind, especially here in the UK with Google having a market share of nearly 90 percent.

To be honest, I still believe that Google provide much better results than Bing, hence why when I’m not working or even thinking about SEO, I always use Google. The other day, by accident, I found an example of Google providing a much better search result than Bing.

When I’m feeling bored or lazy, I sometimes watch old sports videos and interviews that I’ve enjoyed in the past and I decided to look up a video from a (now retired) MMA fighter called Chael Sonnen. The video I wanted was of Sonnen trash talking and being sarcastic about his “tough” upbringing but I couldn’t remember the title of the video or when it was released.

All I remembered was Sonnen being sarcastic about having to witness someone putting a stick of gum in his mouth and just throwing the wrapper on the ground, publicly littering. Armed with this information, I searched Google for “Chael Sonnen stick of gum” and here are the results I got:

Google Search Results

I realize that the search is broad and the user could have several intentions for such a search term, but Google gave me two results that I was looking for. The top result is an article from Bleacher Report about the video I was searching for and has the video itself embedded at the top of the page. The article also has a transcript which includes Sonnen saying “piece of gum” as opposed to the “stick of gum” that I searched for. However, through latent semantic indexing, Google have recognized that “piece of gum” is relevant to the search term, hence why you can see it bolded in the search results.

The fifth result is the video I was looking for. While the video has no mention of a piece or stick of gum in the title or description, Google have still ranked it, probably based on the fact that it’s been embedded in the article that ranks number 1. Overall, I would say they were good search results from Google. I decided to see if Bing was able to give me what I was looking for. Here are the results:

Bing Search Results

Bing did not provide any results about the video I was looking for. I highlighted the top result because while it’s not what I was searching for, I can understand why Bing may want to display it because it does contain something about chewing gum in the title and is a very large and popular forum. What was really disappointing about the results from Bing was the fact that the article that ranks number 1 on Google (in my opinion the best web page for the search) cannot be found anywhere on Bing’s front page.

To make it worse, I searched through to page 5 and still didn’t find it and at this point I got bored looking. I also narrowed the search down to just videos in Bing and it still didn’t find the one I was looking for. If Google didn’t exist and I was forced to use Bing for this search, I would be left disappointed.

One final point I would like to make is that these searches were performed on and from a UK I.P address. Anyone searching elsewhere will likely get different results. If you’re curious and would like to see the video I was searching for, here it is:


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