Free Website Audit

AuditThe first part of any SEO campaign is a website audit and 99% of the time, we can do this for free, before we even start working on your website. The goal of the audit is to figure out what state of health your website is in and how much work it would take to achieve your desired visibility in the search engines. The main things that we’re looking at when we audit a site are:

  • Relevancy of your website in relation to the keywords you would like to rank for.
  • Fundamental errors in the design of your site such as poor navigation, broken links and hidden text.
  • The content of your site. Is it high quality? Is it just as good or better than the websites that currently rank where you aspire to be?
  • How well your site is currently following the SEO basics and its on page SEO.
  • The backlink profile for your website and backlink profiles of the websites you’re competing against.
  • Spam. We will be looking for user-generated spam on your website and spammy websites that may be linking to you.
  • Any Google penalties that may be holding your website back from ranking well.

Once we’ve done the audit, we will have a better idea of how much work is required and roughly how long it will take for you to start seeing results. We will also be able to give you a price for our services. We will be 100% up front with you throughout this entire process and will share our findings with you even if you decide not to go ahead with an SEO project. There’s nothing to lose in requesting an audit from us and no obligation so get in touch with us and we would be delighted to take a look at your website.