It came to me in a dream

How To Get Links From National Newspapers – It Came To Me In A Dream

We all have strange dreams from time to time and I don’t know about you, but when I immediately awake from a dream I spend a moment or two in a state of confusion about what’s real and what’s not. Last night, I had a very odd dream about SEO and getting links from national […]

Read More logo – A Simple Step To Increase Rankings On Google UK

While I’m not a Newcastle United fan, I can imagine that it’s no fun at the moment and hasn’t been for some time. The club just drifts, season to season with an apparent focus on “just getting by” rather than taking things to the next level. They’re currently on a 5 match losing streak and […]

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lego movie

4 Extreme Examples Of Content Marketing (That Cost A Fortune)

Content Marketing is presented in many different ways and as we’ve discussed on our page on the subject, there are content marketing opportunities in many different business verticals. Today, I thought I would share 4 extreme examples of content marketing and although the chances of you being able to recreate them for yourself are very […]

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Google vs Bing

A Real Example Of Google Providing A Better Search Result Than Bing

Over the past few years, Bing have pushed hard for a larger share in the search market and while there are figures to suggest they made up some ground, they’re still a long way behind, especially here in the UK with Google having a market share of nearly 90 percent. To be honest, I still […]

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food in a restaurant

5 Tips That Can Help Any Restaurant With SEO

According to Trip Advisor, there are 166 restaurants in Lancaster. A quick look through those listings will reveal that not all of them are actual restaurants; a lot of them are takeaways. Even so, that’s a lot of competition and there isn’t enough room for everybody on the first page of Google. Not only will […]

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Home Simpson saying "doh"

6 Common SEO Mistakes That We See All The Time

Everybody makes mistakes and we’re all learning from our experiences. The SEO industry is no different. While the fundamentals of search engine optimisation are relatively easy to understand and we explain everything to our clients, there are several common mistakes that we see time and again both from our clients when they first come to […]

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Leakedfilms. net – An Elaborate YouTube Spam Campaign

This morning I sat down with my coffee and loaded YouTube with the intention of browsing videos for around 15 minutes before starting work which is something I do on a regular basis. You could say that it’s a morning ritual of mine and I find that a relaxed start invigorates me and sets me […]

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Responsive Web Design

Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Confirmed For April 21st

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Google sending warnings to webmasters about their website not being mobile friendly. When I wrote that post, I speculated that there was an algorithm on the horizon that would promote mobile friendly/responsive websites and demote unresponsive website in the mobile search results. Well, Google have now confirmed on […]

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We Were Hacked – How We Recovered and How to Prevent it

Recently, we have been busy on multiple projects and haven’t checked the website stats for SEO Lancaster. Upon doing so yesterday, I noticed a huge spike in traffic for one particular day, which under normal circumstances would be a good thing. However, this wasn’t “real” traffic; it was bot traffic targeting WordPress. I instantly suspected […]

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Google Sending Out Warnings About Unresponsive Websites

After finishing yesterday’s post about why you need to have a responsive website, I was browsing the Internet and reading up on the latest SEO news when I came across a piece on Search Engine Land (linked to lower down) which ties in perfectly with what I was saying yesterday. In short, Google are sending […]

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