Send – A Simple Step To Increase Rankings On Google UK logoWhile I’m not a Newcastle United fan, I can imagine that it’s no fun at the moment and hasn’t been for some time. The club just drifts, season to season with an apparent focus on “just getting by” rather than taking things to the next level. They’re currently on a 5 match losing streak and fans are planning a boycott of this weekend’s game.

Yesterday I was reading some sports related articles and I ended up finding a link to which is a website set up by Newcastle fans to drive Mike Ashley out of the club. The administrators previously ran and once that goal was achieved, they turned their attention to Mike Ashley.

Because I was reading this during break time and still had my SEO head on, I decided to search “Ashley Out” on to see where the website ranked. To my surprise, it’s only on the second page which I found a bit strange because it’s well linked to from various news websites, it’s pretty well designed from a navigation point of view and there’s a lot of content on there.

After scratching my head for a moment or two, I thought that perhaps the issue was that Google does not view it as a UK website, hence pushing it a bit lower down the results than it deserves. I searched Ashley Out again but narrowed by results down to just the UK (click search tools, country: the UK) and sure enough, the website didn’t show up at all. On the other end of the scale, on the website ranks on the first page for the same search query.

Now I’ve never spoken to the owners of and perhaps they prefer the website ranking better on, but I would imagine they would prefer better rankings on instead. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Simply sign up to Google Webmaster Tools, confirm ownership of your website and then set geotargeting to the UK.

Then it’s a case of waiting a few days for Google to process the information. Once this has been completed, I would be amazed if did not see a rise in rankings on and rank where it should do for the website name of “Ashley Out”. It’s quite common for website owners and people working in search engine optimisation to provide Google with this additional information and they actively encourage it in their webmaster help section.


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