4 Extreme Examples Of Content Marketing (That Cost A Fortune)

Content Marketing is presented in many different ways and as we’ve discussed on our page on the subject, there are content marketing opportunities in many different business verticals. Today, I thought I would share 4 extreme examples of content marketing and although the chances of you being able to recreate them for yourself are very slim (probably impossible), it’s still fun to learn more about them.

Red Bull

Red Bull

If there’s one company that take content marketing above and beyond extreme, quite literally in some cases, it’s Red Bull. For starters, they’ve got their own Formula 1 team who were described by Lewis Hamilton as “just a drinks company” at the start of the 2011 season.

Red Bull are not a manufacturer, they are a drinks company. It’s a drinks company versus McLaren/Ferrari history.

– Lewis Hamilton

They successfully won both the Drivers and Constructors championships for 4 consecutive years from 2010-2013. While new regulations were introduced in 2014 and they haven’t been as successful since, even threatening to quit on multiple occasions, Formula 1 remains a fantastic advertising wing (see what I did there) for the company and it is also profitable in its own right.

They also sponsor numerous extreme sports such as Felix Baumgartner jumping from the stratosphere. On top of that, there’s the Red Bull YouTube Channel which currently has over 4 million subscribers with several extreme sports featured on the channel such as mountain biking, surfing and snow boarding. When you watch the videos, you will notice that a lot of the equipment is sponsored by Red Bull.

The result of this? Red Bull have the largest share in the energy drinks market with over 5 billion cans sold a year, worldwide.

Compare The Meerkat

Compare The Meerkat

Originally launched in 2009 and advertised largely during the break of Coronation Street, Compare The Meerkat has grown into an integral part of the business model and has helped them rise above the noise in a very competitive sector.

Since their launch, they’ve had several give aways such as meerkat toys and at the time of writing this article, 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday when you make a purchase via Compare The Meerkat. To help them raise awareness for this promotion, they shot and add with Arnold Schwarzenegger which you can watch here.

Warburtons – The Deliverers

Warburtons - The Deliverers

When I first watched this advert last week, I was in two minds about whether it was an advert or content marketing. I then arrived to the conclusion that it’s both. Traditional adverts could be described as annoying but this one entices you and I bet the majority of people watched it the whole way through.

Shot in Bolton for a reported cost of around £18 million, the advert runs for nearly two minutes and involves Sylvester Stallone pitching Warburtons boss, Jonathan Warburton, about a movie idea called The Deliverers. Stallone is then shown in several parody roles from two of his most popular films Rocky and The Expendables delivering bread. The whole thing is a very clever (and expensive) ad for Warburtons but it’s engaging and enjoyable. Watch it for yourself here:

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie

This is an example that’s been widely recognised on the Internet. I don’t know about you, but I used to play with Lego when I was a child and they’re still one of the most popular toy companies in the world. The Lego Movie reportedly earned over $450 million worldwide, so they made hundreds of millions of dollars for a giant advertisement for their company. A very good piece of business indeed. Due to it’s success, three more films are planned between 2016-2018.

Lego bricks and movies aren’t their only interests either; they’ve released over 50 Lego themed video games since the late 90’s and they’re still producing them in 2015. The result of all this? Revenue for 2013 was $4.7 billion.

So there you go, 4 extreme examples of content marketing, all of which cost millions to produce. In the case of Lego and Red Bull, those companies are turning over billions and while it’s not all down to these content marketing efforts, they certainly play a large part. Compare The Market’s parent company has profits of over £80 million a year so it’s fair to say the Aleksandr Orlov, “founder” of Compare The Meerkat, has been a profitable venture. As for the Warburtons ad, only time will tell how successful it’s been and seen as how it’s less than a week old it’s far too early to say.


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